Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where is Stumpy (Waldo)

Well sorry (to Both my readers) for not posting last week I just ran out of spoons and crashed! It happens sometimes but I am girding my loins cause I have a back breaker for the next three days.

I have Physical therapy at 0810am tomorrow (Wed) and get measured for orthopedic seat cushions for my Wheel Chair at 9am And after that I have to see my doctor to get my meds refilled and at 7pm I go to my freehand carving class at Lots of fun but late and I get chased down by the janitors who have forgotten their glasses and just see a short blurr at the end of the hall and start yelling hey you stop!!! LOL. Thursday morning I will go to get a wheelchair lift installed in my truck and in the afternoon I should get my electric wheelchair. Now going shopping wont be such a burden on Liedra and Danny.

I've been working on my Leg Sim and getting better all the time, most of my ambulation at the house is on the Leg Sim. Maybe tomorrow we will start on inclines and stairs ""IF I AM READY"". I also have something on Friday but I forget it right now. Danny has been sick since Saturday and I'm still not sure if I should let him go to school. Well it is closing in on bed time so goodnight to both of my loyal readers.

Luv Ya

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