Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fallin Again BOOM!!

Well folks I've done it again I was going to the restroom in the night, and liedra came home and woke me up so I tried to walk into the restroom with the Leg Sim and I started leaning back back back annnnd down. After I got up and taken care of myself I spent several hours talking about the good ol days when Steve and I had hair. Memories of friends filled the room like an impromptu D Troop reunion. I realised that I have been very lucky in friends and people I worked for SgtMaj Rhodes who finished what Msgt Thompson started, Senior Drill Instructor Sgt Drake reinforced, and that I was able to pass along to my Marines. The hand of God has always been in my life sometimes subtle sometimes like a sledgehammer up side the head but always guiding me to where I needed to go. Directing people into my life that I needed and, placing me in the path of people who needed me, allowing me to be of service. God has been good to me but he has always expected me to do my part. I have been Blessed especially now that he has brought many friends of my youth to help adjust to new life on Disability.

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