Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Busy Day Ran out of spoons. Again

Went to my son's Band concert yesterday. We went early so he could practice, and ended up waiting around in the Commons at South East Polk. I got to see some folks I knew and had a good time. Come show time my back started acting up and wouldn’t ya know Somebody forgot his pain medication. That is really no surprise considering the fact that our hot water heater started making funny noises and peeing all over the floor just before we left. So Busy Busy Day. I ended up toughing it out till the end of the show and came home to bed, my spine had other ideas however and kept me up until 4am. Well I should close this for now and try to get some time in on the Leg Sim before a friend comes over to look at the hot water heater. Take care All

Monday, October 17, 2011

Leg Sim

It has been a busy summer for me, I have been riding all I can and working on my physical condition. Ups and downs seem to be the order of business but the game is not over till I stop getting back up. Last week I went to my final appointment with the Doctor who approved my Leg Sim®. It is all mine and my wife has promised to keep me at it walking further and further, I'm still real shaky with stairs but getting better. While Liedra and I were waiting to go in several amputees asked about my Leg Sim® So Joe better be watching his mail LOL.

Lately I have been meeting new amputees and giving them my contact info, I haven’t heard back from anyone yet but I will in their own time! Meanwhile I will keep them in my prayers. Other than that not a lot going on here just getting ready for the cold!! Keep Stumpin!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back in the saddle again

It was a great day today, warm, but not too warm. Liedra Danny and I finished the servicing and repairs to the Trike. When we were done we took a short jaunt to get gas with Danny, Cubbie, and David. Later on Liedra talked me into going again and it was really windy blowing really hard. We had a ball riding today. I used the Leg Sim to walk to and mount the Phoenix and it was so much easier to stow than my wheelchair.

Me using my Leg Sim to get on my Trike
Heigh Ho Silver and AWAYYYY!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Day, Ran out of spoons

Whew!! I am wiped out I was up at 5:30 with Danny and have been on the go all day. Running errands and trying to deliver a pen but now the guy wants a different color?!?! So I hope someone will buy it If nothing else I will keep it for myself, I really love Fountain Pens, So elegant! I went to the VA today to get my prescriptions and some pads for my TENS Unit (muscle zapper). Man those guys were slow and I was starting to hurt, Liedra took care of me (I have one great wife!!!!) I have been getting more time on the Leg Sim and can walk at something like a normal pace but is is scary (I'm afraid I might fall again) I think i might try selling my pens at some local real estate offices.

I was working on the trike the other day and had to take the headers to change the spark plugs That's the way I'm gonna do it from now on I saved time even with the extra steps involved. The hard part was replacing the Alternator stand that was cracked, I can't seem to get the tins on the engine to go back together again. Guess I will have to run down and get Steve to help.

Well So much for now I'm gonna Sleep

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back Up

Sorry but I have been feeling bad lately so i havent been able to pay any attention to this blog. I'm now feeling a little better and have been working on my Trike and turning pens at the Lathe. I have been working on the Leg Sim, especially since my back pain was acting up again, and has helped a bit. Today I sold some pens at the bank and got some more hardware kits to make more pens. We took some pictures of me cooking and at the Lathe using my Leg Sim. It is amazing to me how such a simple thing as standing up can help improve your mental state.

Well I guess it is time to go to bed. Good Nite Joe Schrader wherever you are!!!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Working with wood

Well my daughter has gone home and things have gone back to normal. It was really nice to have her around the house, unfortunately she wasn't here long enough to really see anybody or go anywhere. Liedra and I got the wood working equipment set up in the mud room and part of the dining room. I have made one pen and ruined one so far so I am 1 for1. LOL

I like working with wood it calms me down and reminds of the wonders in life. Today I ruined a piece of wood that I had really wanted to use, and when i looked around for another pen blank I found this piece that had been in my supply for along time and had been overlooked many times. The wood was raggedly cut and the color of dirt but I figured what the heck? When I started to cut into the wood I noticed a really nice grain and color not unlike purple heart. I had so focused on what I thought I was looking for that I almost missed what God was trying to show me. Working with wood is like that sometimes you have to try to read what the wood wants to be and you are never sure if it is the right thing, but when you and the wood are in tune it is like magic. I always feel better after completing a project. I will have pictures soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chris' Rules for Handling Boyfriends and Husbands

 Chris' First Rule = B, B, & B,
Beans, Bullets and Booty.
    Beans = Feed him well,
    Bullets = Give Him some time to be a GUY ie: hunting, fishing, or howling with the Guys, and
    Booty = (that too) But like a puppy we need to be scratched behind the ears and be reminded that you Love us(we can't read minds, see rule 2)

Chris' Second Rule, All Men are Simple

Ladies us Men are SIMPLE!!!!!!! If you spend more than 20 seconds wondering what we meant by ________, You are over thinking things.

Let us be a guy occasionaly
Show us a little care and attention to let us know we are loved,
and we WILL move Heaven and Earth for you.