Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Busy Day Ran out of spoons. Again

Went to my son's Band concert yesterday. We went early so he could practice, and ended up waiting around in the Commons at South East Polk. I got to see some folks I knew and had a good time. Come show time my back started acting up and wouldn’t ya know Somebody forgot his pain medication. That is really no surprise considering the fact that our hot water heater started making funny noises and peeing all over the floor just before we left. So Busy Busy Day. I ended up toughing it out till the end of the show and came home to bed, my spine had other ideas however and kept me up until 4am. Well I should close this for now and try to get some time in on the Leg Sim before a friend comes over to look at the hot water heater. Take care All

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