Monday, February 28, 2011

Working with wood

Well my daughter has gone home and things have gone back to normal. It was really nice to have her around the house, unfortunately she wasn't here long enough to really see anybody or go anywhere. Liedra and I got the wood working equipment set up in the mud room and part of the dining room. I have made one pen and ruined one so far so I am 1 for1. LOL

I like working with wood it calms me down and reminds of the wonders in life. Today I ruined a piece of wood that I had really wanted to use, and when i looked around for another pen blank I found this piece that had been in my supply for along time and had been overlooked many times. The wood was raggedly cut and the color of dirt but I figured what the heck? When I started to cut into the wood I noticed a really nice grain and color not unlike purple heart. I had so focused on what I thought I was looking for that I almost missed what God was trying to show me. Working with wood is like that sometimes you have to try to read what the wood wants to be and you are never sure if it is the right thing, but when you and the wood are in tune it is like magic. I always feel better after completing a project. I will have pictures soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chris' Rules for Handling Boyfriends and Husbands

 Chris' First Rule = B, B, & B,
Beans, Bullets and Booty.
    Beans = Feed him well,
    Bullets = Give Him some time to be a GUY ie: hunting, fishing, or howling with the Guys, and
    Booty = (that too) But like a puppy we need to be scratched behind the ears and be reminded that you Love us(we can't read minds, see rule 2)

Chris' Second Rule, All Men are Simple

Ladies us Men are SIMPLE!!!!!!! If you spend more than 20 seconds wondering what we meant by ________, You are over thinking things.

Let us be a guy occasionaly
Show us a little care and attention to let us know we are loved,
and we WILL move Heaven and Earth for you.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Morpheus . . . .Morpheus. . . Damn Is it too late to take the Blue Pill?????????

Just feeling kinda funky and down in the dumps. Things are catching up to me and piling up.

It has been a rough time for me lately I have been waiting for a VA Pension to start, It was already approved they just needed some info like how many kids at home Income, medical expenses and so on. I submitted the paperwork in November and they requested a rush to be put on it, all they had to do was do some math and I am still waiting!

They said in late November or early December that it was on the last desk that it had to pass through before they could start paying me. It is still on that same desk February 14th! It is hard to make ends meet on my wife's Wal Mart paycheck even with the help I’ve been getting from my aunt (She has been a lifesaver thru this whole thing even if we don’t see eye to eye some times, But she has always been there for me, even way back then when I was the little Bastard Child that didn’t belong in the family photo).

My best friend moved out and I miss having him around. Someone else who is very close to me hasn't talked to me in over a year, because I shot my damn fool mouth off and she has every right to be POed at me. im just so tired emotionaly right now. I can't get arround like I used to and my main help is not here anymore.

Sometimes I wish Id have taken the Blue Pill.

Happy Valentines Day


Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to the knife but not me this time

Liedra my wife had a small procedure Friday and has been in pain ever since so I have been taking care of her instead of the other way around. Jessie our Siamese cat spent most of the time curled up as close to Liedra as possible as if she was trying to comfort her, She always does the same for me when I have had surgery or been having a particularly bad day pain wise. Even Jake and Sox have spent time sleeping with Liedra It looked like she was hemmed in on all sides most of the time.

My post Christmas blues were late this year. I guess it was just alot of things hitting me at once, My best friend moved out and there is a large gap where we would talk about guy stuff. The VA is still screwing around on my pension when I submitted the last paperwork that they needed in November I was told that my pension was approved that they just had to figure out how much it should be!?!?!?!?

Just how long does that take??????
Somebody order a new Abacus for those guys!!!!

And to top it off I guess I'm getting a little cabin fever. I took the new electric wheelchair to Lowes since we had a clear day and just got out of the house looking at stuff I cant afford, but getting out from these 4 walls. The Leg Sim is getting to where it is almost instinctual, YAAAAYYYYY!!!!
Well I guess its bed time,
nighty night,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick days, Snow days, and Better days ahead!!!!!

Well It has been another busy week Danny my son was sick with bronchitis for over a week and stuck at home. We had a lot of really good talks while Danny was recovering, but as soon as he felt better we were hit with a Blizzard and he got a snowday and missed another day of school.

I am working on walking backwards and side to side on my leg sim, we found that my lower leg was swelling badly so my Physical Therapist gave me some support socks (wow I really don’t feel THAT OLD). The socks help keep the swelling down and makes it a lot more comfortable. My veins in my leg were swollen and sticking out “UUUUUGLY”

I talked to Joe Schrader (inventor of the Leg Sim) the other day he seems to have taken an interest in my case. He and I have been talking off and on for years. I tried several times to get this ball rolling but the staff at Long Beach VA Hospital kept giving me the run around and Joe and I tried and tried but it wasn’t until I moved back to Iowa that I finally found someone who was willing to listen to me.

The physical therapist was the first one to show an interest. She sent me to the amputee clinic so I could show the Doctor and after I showed him the printouts from the website he looked it up right there and said “lets give it a try” and before you know it I was back on my feet after 8 years in a wheelchair. It sure felt good to see my wife at eye level and walk around my house and see the view from up here, LOL. In addition to all that I am starting to see improvement in my back pain.