Monday, February 14, 2011


Morpheus . . . .Morpheus. . . Damn Is it too late to take the Blue Pill?????????

Just feeling kinda funky and down in the dumps. Things are catching up to me and piling up.

It has been a rough time for me lately I have been waiting for a VA Pension to start, It was already approved they just needed some info like how many kids at home Income, medical expenses and so on. I submitted the paperwork in November and they requested a rush to be put on it, all they had to do was do some math and I am still waiting!

They said in late November or early December that it was on the last desk that it had to pass through before they could start paying me. It is still on that same desk February 14th! It is hard to make ends meet on my wife's Wal Mart paycheck even with the help I’ve been getting from my aunt (She has been a lifesaver thru this whole thing even if we don’t see eye to eye some times, But she has always been there for me, even way back then when I was the little Bastard Child that didn’t belong in the family photo).

My best friend moved out and I miss having him around. Someone else who is very close to me hasn't talked to me in over a year, because I shot my damn fool mouth off and she has every right to be POed at me. im just so tired emotionaly right now. I can't get arround like I used to and my main help is not here anymore.

Sometimes I wish Id have taken the Blue Pill.

Happy Valentines Day


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