Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to the knife but not me this time

Liedra my wife had a small procedure Friday and has been in pain ever since so I have been taking care of her instead of the other way around. Jessie our Siamese cat spent most of the time curled up as close to Liedra as possible as if she was trying to comfort her, She always does the same for me when I have had surgery or been having a particularly bad day pain wise. Even Jake and Sox have spent time sleeping with Liedra It looked like she was hemmed in on all sides most of the time.

My post Christmas blues were late this year. I guess it was just alot of things hitting me at once, My best friend moved out and there is a large gap where we would talk about guy stuff. The VA is still screwing around on my pension when I submitted the last paperwork that they needed in November I was told that my pension was approved that they just had to figure out how much it should be!?!?!?!?

Just how long does that take??????
Somebody order a new Abacus for those guys!!!!

And to top it off I guess I'm getting a little cabin fever. I took the new electric wheelchair to Lowes since we had a clear day and just got out of the house looking at stuff I cant afford, but getting out from these 4 walls. The Leg Sim is getting to where it is almost instinctual, YAAAAYYYYY!!!!
Well I guess its bed time,
nighty night,

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  1. Hey dude! Thanks for the Stumpy update. Give Liedre get well wishes for me.

    Q. You have tire chains and skis for the electric wheelchair? Careful mejo!

    God bless!

    bob findley