Monday, October 17, 2011

Leg Sim

It has been a busy summer for me, I have been riding all I can and working on my physical condition. Ups and downs seem to be the order of business but the game is not over till I stop getting back up. Last week I went to my final appointment with the Doctor who approved my Leg Sim®. It is all mine and my wife has promised to keep me at it walking further and further, I'm still real shaky with stairs but getting better. While Liedra and I were waiting to go in several amputees asked about my Leg Sim® So Joe better be watching his mail LOL.

Lately I have been meeting new amputees and giving them my contact info, I haven’t heard back from anyone yet but I will in their own time! Meanwhile I will keep them in my prayers. Other than that not a lot going on here just getting ready for the cold!! Keep Stumpin!!!

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