Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Day, Ran out of spoons

Whew!! I am wiped out I was up at 5:30 with Danny and have been on the go all day. Running errands and trying to deliver a pen but now the guy wants a different color?!?! So I hope someone will buy it If nothing else I will keep it for myself, I really love Fountain Pens, So elegant! I went to the VA today to get my prescriptions and some pads for my TENS Unit (muscle zapper). Man those guys were slow and I was starting to hurt, Liedra took care of me (I have one great wife!!!!) I have been getting more time on the Leg Sim and can walk at something like a normal pace but is is scary (I'm afraid I might fall again) I think i might try selling my pens at some local real estate offices.

I was working on the trike the other day and had to take the headers to change the spark plugs That's the way I'm gonna do it from now on I saved time even with the extra steps involved. The hard part was replacing the Alternator stand that was cracked, I can't seem to get the tins on the engine to go back together again. Guess I will have to run down and get Steve to help.

Well So much for now I'm gonna Sleep

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