Monday, January 10, 2011

Stumpy's Snowy Day

I awoke today early and feeling good I am able to get by with less medication.

I had coffee with ""The Boys"" Jake and Sox, I fixed my coffee and sat at the dining room table watching the snow start to fall when both boy cats jumped up onto the table and sat with me watching the snow. Good times!!

I watched a little tube and straightened up in the kitchen, still gotta do the living room and I'm still feeling good pain is about a  4 out of 10 haven't felt this good in a long while. I found out that my electric wheel chair is in but missing the part that will allow it to be lifted into my truck. I will try to look at it tomorrow at 8 am when I go in for Physical Therapy. I will try to get the electric chair tomorrow, wish me luck.

I did some standing and sidestepping today on the Leg Sim along with my trunk strengthening exercises and really worked up a sweat. I am so much more stable now than I was in the beginning. With all this snow I might end up snow bound and have to miss Physical Therapy. I hope not! It is easier to get motivated when I have new milestones every time.

Back in 2003 only months after the crash when I first was able to sit up, my PT wanted me to try to stand with a walker. So I tried and ended up standing 15 seconds the first day, 40 seconds the second day, Took 3 steps with the walker the third day, and walked around the room on the fourth day, Mary the Physical Therapist at St Josephs Hospital in Orange Ca said "I cant tell you where we want to be next week because you will do it today"! LOL.

I guess being a stubborn Jar head won't go away with time! While sitting in my recliner Jesse the girl kitty came out and sat on my lap (which she does rarely) and watched as I browsed YouTube videos. She loves to watch movies and TV on my laptop but, if I am not careful she will sit on the keyboard and leave Jesse hairs all over.

Strangely enough when i start to get depressed the Animals in the house want to cuddle, it's like they know that i need cheering up. I wish my girls could come out and see how beautiful it is out here.

I put a turkey in the oven 2 1/2 hours ago and it is about ready so I must go and get ready to feed the family.

God Bless

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