Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ready 4 Bed

Well folks it was a long day but we got allot accomplished today. This Morning I took Liedra to her Doctor's appointment. The Doctors said that the skin discoloration that we thought might be melanoma ended up to be nothing to worry about, the first Doc even got us a second opinion!!

This afternoon we went to the VA Hospital we picked some paperwork for Liedra and checked on my electric wheelchair. After much checking and calling they finally found it at the wheelchair lift store, so we made arrangements to install a new hoist on my truck and pick up my chair on the 27th YAAAAYYYY!!!! It will sure make the VA trips easier.

While waiting for my Physical Therapy I overheard that some one's brand new lift wouldn't work, it sounded to me like the transmission interlock wasn't engaging so I helped the driver get his passenger out of the truck using the manual controls since the interlocks were on the fritz. So I have done my good deed for today.

After all that I was up and walking across the Physical Therapy room several times, boy was I wore out and sweating!! Then I went home for a shower and a nap (HARD ZZZZZZZZZs) It is now night and the boy and my wife have been fed and I am ready for bed.

Good Night
Dream Happy Dreams

Homework: Tell someone that you haven't talked to in a long time how much they mean to you!

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