Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Fall Down And Go Boom!!!!

Well I fell today, it is no small matter to an Amputee. Falling down reminds me that I am broken and can no longer do the things I used to. When you fall down as an amputee usually (here in the midwest anyway) people will run to help you and, even though they have the best intentions you usually feel embarrassed and like you are messing with their day. For me the actual ""ragdoll"" moment makes me flashback to the crash and the feeling of being completely out of control as you are thrown to the ground. I know that I will have nightmares about the crash tonight and seeing the ragged flesh and splintered bone that was what was left of my leg. Watching as my life's Blood drains away into the sandy soil. Going through these emotions the first time is rough enough, going through them time after time when something triggers my memory, like falling down or something as insignificant as someone drifting over the double yellow lines on a two lane highway. I was lucky I remembered to relax and roll with it, I ended up on my back with my good leg straight up in the air and my walker standing straight up. Two men appeared as if by magic and helped me to my feet and walked with me into the building.

Well I will update you all tomorrow about how GREAT I feel in the morning. LOL good thing my PT appointment is at 11am It will probably take me that long to get my sore butt moving.

Good night and stay upright and safe

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