Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday!?!?!? Monday!?!?! Hey I don't hate Mondays anymore

Hello again I'm doing better today we started the day by cleaning up a little around the house. We are setting up my wood lathe in the mud room so I can start turning pens before Spring. I cant wait until Wednesday night I will get to go to my wood carving class!! My first freehand carving is going to be a chain carved out of a single piece of wood. I got to talk to my Girls today, I am so proud of them Amber has always been strong and independent young lady, and Christina is a people person maybe even more than her Mom. They are living together in Anaheim Ca. (definitely not easy) It is so expensive out there. I have succeeded in one thing these two young women are much better prepared to be on their own than Liedra and I were! Anyway I LOVE, MISS, AND RESPECT, my daughters!!! 

Aren't they just adorable,
They keep getting Cuter the older they get.

Today I walked some more on my Leg Sim, I noticed that finding my seat on that little bicycle seat is becoming natural and walking is becoming instinctive and I find myself leaning to pick something that is just out of my natural reach more and more. I have retired my old style walker and am using the leg Sim exclusively around the house.

Liedra and I have been discussing surgery to repair the hole in my abdomen that just wont heal. There are more risks than normal with me (my batting average when it comes to surgeries is really bad) .  There other issues to start on now that my health is getting a little better and I have the things I need to get around and live my life.

This afternoon when Liedra and I were at Wal Mart we met a young boy who is wheelchair bound, he had a new wheelchair that allowed him to stand upright while still supported in his chair. It seems like doctors are recognize the need for our bodies to be erect for certain periods of time, I know it has helped me. I offered to take him on a motorcycle trip on the trike if Mom and Dad were comfortable with the idea and one of them rode in the back with him. I hope he does because getting over barriers is a big thing when you have a disability.

I'm watching Danny singlehandedly winning the cold war on X BOX 360 Call of Duty, Black Ops!!
Video games are one place that I can keep up with him . . . . . . when he is not beating my Heinie. LOL

It has been a really good day, so I think I will go to bed earlier than normal tonight.

Good Night Everybody

P.S. Your homework is: Do something nice for somebody you don't like!
""Confuse Karma""

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