Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was a take care of the wife day and I am wiped out!! I woke at the ungodly hour of four thirty am and couldn't get back to sleep until Liedra and I got Danny off to school. Then we both took about an hour nap. Then BOING I'm up again and Liedra is not feeling well we had an exchange of ideas at VOLUME!!

So we started out through the slippery Icy roads for Broadlawns Hospital's walk in clinic and financial assistance office. This is so strange because I am so used to taking care of my family that, it feels weird to be getting help from someone else and, what is even weirder is that the people working there aren't making me feel like a worthless dirt bag because I need some help. Bravo Zulu Broadlawns!!!!!!! We got Liedra's prescriptions filled and the paperwork taken care of and we started home at FIVE PM!!!!! 

Roads were slick and I was hurting pretty bad by that time, I believe that it was about this time that I ran out of spoons. (see the spoon theory at When we were almost home when I remembered that my wood carving class starts tonight and a friend is paying the tuition so I had Better show up! Dropped Liedra at the house so she could go to bed.

Then I proceeded to a Junior High wood shop class room where I met some new friends and had a great time, next week I will start carving a chain out of a single block of wood. Sounds challenging but fun, I spent most of the time looking at the teacher's tools and some examples of what is possible, Some chisels were hand forged by the teacher and looked great. I started dozing in class so I packed it in 20 minutes early. When I came home I talked to Danny about his day, finding out that we have a parent teacher conference tomorrow. Other than that things are all quiet on the home front but I am out of spoons and am using tomorrows spoons so I had better go to sleep because I have Physical Therapy tomorrow and I have done exactly JACK  for PT today!! Oh well with any luck tomorrow will be more interesting. Right now I am going to curl up with my lovely but snoring wife and get some sleep.

Thank You Lord for another good day

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