Friday, January 7, 2011

A new Day and . . . . . . . .Snow

Not much today other than that I am really achy after falling down yesterday. I did really good and relaxed and started my paratrooper roll and before I knew it I was flat on my back with my one good foot sticking straight up into the air. ROTF. Two guys at an OWL THEMED restaurant ran out and helped me in and sat me down. I found out that one of them I had met in August when he and a friend who was a flight leader at the Air National Guard Base Des Moines International Airport, bought me lunch! They were a great bunch of guys "Thanks again for the assist and Lunch" Ok back to Hooters, Liedra and I enjoyed the happy hour specials on wings and fries and when I was starting to feel a twinge in my back we were on the way home. BTW we were on the west side looking into shoes with more support in them because we noticed that when standing my ankles seemed to need more support, especially since I will be walking more on  my Leg Sim.

 My Physical The rapist gave me some compression hose to keep my leg from swelling up, at least until my leg can do that itself. I am making remarkable progress with the Leg Sim and I can get around much better, so that my new obstacle is my endurance and that is what we are working on now.

When I woke up this morning It was hard to move but I got up and drove to Wal Mart to pick my wife up, when we got back we laid down and went to (back to) sleep. Later when I awoke in earnest I could barely move my knee and my wrist, back and butt was aching so i took my pain meds and laid back down "No spoons for today" I even called and cancelled my PT appointment if I cant move you cant do PT. I'm still hurting as I write this but with my meds it is manageable.

My best friend Steve took me to the State department of vital Statistics to get my Birth certificate. This little adventure started back in August when I learned what paperwork I needed. On the next visit I learned that they don't take credit cards and, I needed my Social Security Card, California Driver's License, Birth Certificate, a pint of blood and a lucky rabbits foot. Our next stop was Polk County Vital Statistics, where they told me since I was adopted (by my Grandparents) to protect my Mother's Identity my birth certificate was at the State Office of Vital Records. We spent a day driving around Des Moines with my Dad George (Whose Identity was also protected by Polk County) looking for the Social Security Office. . . . . . It has moved. Step right up! step right up! Pick the cup that the Social Security office is under and win a prize!!!!!! Watch the cups as i move them on the table round and round they go where they stop nobody knows!!!!! AWWWWW TOO BAD KID BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!! As soon as we had figured out what we had to do for the social security card, my lovely wife found my old one in the closet!!! So all I need is the Birth Certificate but on the next visit to the DOT I found that my Birth Certificate wasn't good enough!!!! WTH 

Yesterday afternoon I found myself at the Lucas State Office Building in Des Moines waiting in line at a vacant window behind 3 other people who were beating on the door and calling out HELLO?? HELLO?? ANYBODY HOME???? Surprisingly when someone came from behind to help at the window they were a tad grumpy! The first person in line kept yelling that she needed her Birth Certificate RIGHT NOW she had to go see a Lawyer in an Hour, Well window explained nicely the first time that there was a 24 hour turn around for all vital records searches, by the 4th and 5th time she wasn't as graceful. The other two were grumpy as well and received grumpy service. Well having been a State employee for 13 Years I figured that the person who was supposed to be at the window probably snuck out for a smoke or to flirt with the new typist on the 3rd floor, and the Lady helping us out at the window probably had to leave her desk and the work that she will have to explain to her boss why it is late because she was busy taking care of someone elses job. My turn at the window and she snaps at me have you filled out the paperwork? My reply was Yes ma'am just finishing, She snapped back to me "you know it takes 24 hours" I replied "no Problem" and her whole demeanor changed and she was smiling and laughing by the time I left.

I expected something different, better. Alas I was to be disappointed they took a really fancy piece of State embossed paper and Xeroxed the Micro Fiche of my Birth Certificate onto it?!?!?!?!?  OK I guess that's it and it's official! So tomorrow I will trot down to the DOT and finally get my Driver's License after only 4 months!!!!! 

I am feeling much better now after I have been spending time standing upright and using muscles that I haven't used lately, well in 8 years anyway. Besides the physical improvements, I have noticed that my attitude is much better now that I can stand up and look people in the eye. When you are in a wheelchair the scenery never changes it is always Butts and Elbows and I am sooooo tired of looking at Butts . . . . Even the nice ones!!!! LOL Some of my biggest gripes about piloting a wheelchair;

                        1. People talking over me to my wife, "How is he feeling"?
                        2. People grab my chair without asking, even when trying to help.
                        3. People sitting or leaning or placing things on my chair or its handles

Remember that mobility devices are like extensions of our bodies. Whenever you have a question ask the Disabled person. Most people that I know would rather answer your question than having you do or say something that is inappropriate.  

Well Time to spend some time with my Son!
Until Next Time
Happy Feet

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